Recycled Art!
Each is One-of-a-Kind!
No Set-up Required!

Each clock is unique and will vary in color, design and circuit board size according to available parts.
If you have special requests, be sure to let me know.
Thank you for your order.

The following catalogue allows you to view and REQUEST a clock to buy. Cynthia will receive your request and contact you shortly for purchase.

Shipping & handling is the greater of $10.00 or 10%

 Payment by check in advance or visa/mastercard processed when order ships

 Please order early for the holidays

Small Hard Drive & Colored CD Desk Clock                    $24.00

Marbled CD in metal stand w/12-  5.5”x5.5”                        $35.00

Double Marbled CD in metal stand-  5.5”x5.5”                    $30.00

Hebrew Dial & CD w/metal stand- 5.5”x5.5”                       $36.00

Hebrew Dial on small board-  board sizes vary                  $42.00

CD with Hebrew Dial and pendulum                                  $40.00

Floppy Disk                                                $31.00

5.25” Floppy Disk w/ pendulum                                           $40.00

Double Marbled CD w/ Pendulum                                       $52.00

Mini CD on Circuit Board- 3.5”x6” sizes vary slightly          $40.00

Classic Desk w/3.5” Hard Disk Drive-  approx. 4”x6”        $50.00

Medium Wall Clock- 5.25”x8”                                               $65.00

F-Keys - Keyboard keys- 5.25”x8”                                      $65.00

Large Wall - disk drive & decorated circuit board            $95.00
_________________sizes range from 9”x10” to 9 x 13”

CD Wall Clock- board sizes vary                                         $55.00

Black Mainframe w/ pendulum- 14” diameter                    $180.00

Copper Mainframe w/ pendulum- 14” diameter                 $180.00

Shadow Box Clock – square 12”x13”                                $175.00

Acrylic folding stand                                                              $1.00

Swinging Characters –with moving legs   $45.00           Size: 4”x10”   












        Office and Desk Accessories

      Business Card and Pen Holder                                      $20.00

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